2018 Recipients

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Mia Valdez, North Salinas High School

Mia, a talented singer, is in her fourth year of studying Japanese at the high school level. For two years, she has held the position of Vice President of the Japanese Club. She is interested in working on international music projects in the future. Mia worked after school and on weekends to raise approximately half of the money needed to participate in a trip to Japan with her classmates, when changes in her family situation made raising the rest of the money particularly challenging. After learning that she had been chosen to receive a grant, she told us, “I felt that my string of luck was taking a turn for the better. I am so thankful to the Wasshoi Foundation. I feel like you have saved my life in a way.”

Daniel Regalado, Alisal High School

Daniel is self-taught musician, and is also in his fourth year of Japanese study. He aspires to be a translator or to work in Japan at some point in his career. One of his teachers wrote that “Despite his financial and economic challenges at home, this student outperforms most everyone in his class, and he is one of my most reliable and consistent students this year.” Daniel is looking forward to the upcoming trip to Japan to “grasp a greater understanding of the language, as well as the culture.”